How to Get Affordable SWIR Lenses on the Internet

If you own or run a business that uses SWIR lenses, you are probably already well aware of how expensive ordering custom lenses can be. So expensive that many people who do use SWIR lenses have moved away from the usual manufacturers and are looking for more affordable alternatives instead.

Happily, there is a way to get affordable SWIR lenses, and all it takes is a little time spent on the Internet.

Where to find affordable SWIR lenses -- In most cases, the most affordable SWIR lenses are to be found by ordering from a Chinese company. These companies have been in business for several decades, and produce the highest quality SWIR lenses at much cheaper prices than you are used to paying.

You will find a number of Chinese companies online who can offer any type of lens you like, custom made, in clean labs and put through rigorous testing. In fact, if you want lenses just the same as you usually buy in the U.S. or Europe, you will find them at these companies.

What to look for with a company manufacturing lenses in China -- Read customer reviews first before you even consider ordering lenses online, as you will usually be able to find a good Chinese company quickly this way.

Read their websites and look at photographs of their facilities, as well as read descriptions about what they have to offer. Find out about the way they test the lenses they manufacture, and make sure this is all done within international standards guidelines.

Ordering lenses -- Once you have found a site you like, you should be able to order the lenses you need via their website or via email. Just be sure to look at shipping costs before placing and paying for your final order. 

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